Associate Advisor: A Blessing Or A Curse?

Today, I want to share something with you that every advisor dreams of…and if done correctly, at the right time, it can be one of the greatest business decisions you’ve ever made.  However, for many it ends up enormously detrimental to their practice.

Find out what it is here.


1. This week, take 30-45 minutes to assess your appointment book over the past 90 days, determining the average number of new prospects you’re seeing each week. (Don’t fool yourself with a “flash in the pan” week filled with appointments. If this number isn’t close to “maxing you out” in true sales activity, pause on the notion of a selling associate advisor. This individual may be a great addition to your firm at some point, but right now, your efforts (and budget) are much better spent on filling your own calendar with appointments as opposed to someone else’s.

2. If you are too busy already, and aren’t at capacity in sales appointments, what are some items you could delegate to clear space on your calendar? If you can free up your time, you can then spend that time creating more sales opportunities.

3. If you are ready to bring on an associate advisor, define whether or not you need a servicing advisor or a selling advisor? Take a few minutes making notes about the kinds of things you would like them to do. You may need someone who can absorb your annual reviews, work lower value leads, or follow up on leads that have gotten away. The clearer you are in what you would like them to do, the better the experience will be for both.

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