Associate Advisor Best Practices

In this week’s second installment on the topic of bringing on associate advisors, I’m going to share some best practices in making an associate advisor work for you.

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1. If you currently have an associate advisor or are looking to bring one on, map out an appropriate training schedule for the next 90 days – relative to the associate’s level of experience. This will undoubtedly feel like a big demand, but remember: the number one reason associate advisors fail is their lack of legitimate training. Your time spent here will pay dividends, so don’t shirk the responsibility.

2. Make sure your associate advisor is being repeatedly exposed to the actual messaging you use. Have them shadow you in appointments and share with them the thinking behind everything you do. Ultimately, they need to become your clone because when they speak, prospects need to hear your message, which is what made you successful in the first place.

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