Incorporating Charity Into Your Practice

This week’s video is about how to incorporate charitable giving into your business.

So many people are involved in philanthropy outside of their business, but why wouldn’t you couple your business skills with your philanthropic efforts together in order to make a bigger impact?  When done correctly, it can be the key to capturing your clients’ hearts.

Watch the video here.


1. Spend 10 minutes in your next team meeting brainstorming causes you and your staff feel passionately about. These don’t have to be causes you’re already involved with – just jot down those you have a genuine desire to help. (Not really sure? CLICK HERE for a list of idea generators!)

2. Contact your top charity of choice, explaining your wish to partner with them to help raise funds. Let them know you’ll be hosting a client/referral event in which donations will be matched by your firm up to a given cap, and ask what involvement they’d be willing to have. In many cases, a representative from the organization would be more than happy to attend your event and speak briefly on the nature of the work their organization does. In addition, charities may be willing to help with the event’s promotion and/or the gifting of trinkets or t-shirts to those who donate.

3. Have the appropriate team member organize and begin marketing your next client event. Keep in mind – the entire event does not have to revolve around the charity. However, you’ll want clients and their guests to clearly understand that your charity work will be a prominent component of the event, and you’ll want them understanding your passion for the cause prior to attending.

4. Consider a short video or even a print piece explaining what the organization or charity does, your reason for supporting it, your experience thus far with them (if applicable) and what you hope to accomplish in the way of fundraising at your event. Keep in mind: it’s often more powerful to share the outcome you hope to achieve – not just the dollar figure you hope to raise. For example, if your goal is to ultimately dig a water well in Africa, don’t just share that you’re trying to raise $7K – explain that you’re trying to provide fresh drinking water for 2,000 people for the next 20 years!

5. During the client event, be sure to have someone on your team (or a professional photographer) taking dozens of photos for subsequent use. You may want to frame individual client pictures – sending them as a thank you gift. You may want to feature them in your next newsletter or on your website under charitable activities. Post them prominently throughout your office. Whatever you choose, leverage these photos to visibly demonstrate your commitment to your community and your given cause.

Fidelity Charitable’s 2012 “Advice & Giving”

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