Know Your Control Panel

In this business, we’re bombarded with numbers, and we’re told by every business coach out there, “You have to KNOW your numbers.”

Today, I’d like to suggest that when it comes to assessing your real business expenditures and real growth, knowing ALL your numbers is not what matters – knowing which numbers are really important is.

Find out which gauges you really need to be keeping your eyes on below…


1. Spend a little time this week and break down your expenses as fuel costs and fixed costs.

2. Ask yourself whether you’re most interested in premium or profit. Leaderboards and industry awards are won through acquired premium. Often times, however, true quality of life and sustained growth is achieved through enhanced profitability and revenues, not premium written. Rather than simply setting a premium figure you’d like to hit in the coming year, you may be wise to consider the overall profit you’d like your firm to recognize and back into your other metrics from there.

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