ONE Common Trait of Successful People

Today I want to share with you ONE common trait found in every successful sales person.

In fact, a few years ago I saw first-hand how important this trait is.   I had an advisor who came off of his worst year in his career, around 4 million in annuities.   The next year, his business exploded to over 12 million, all in one years time.

Are you curious what he would contribute this change to?  I was too, so I asked him.

Watch this video to find out:


ONE common trait of all successful sales people: they believe in what they are selling and the difference they can make for their clients.

Do you and your team believe whole heartedly in the value you bring? The products you offer?  The difference you make?

1. In your next team meeting, devote 15-20 minutes to discuss different client’s stories with your staff and how you’ve been able to help people as a team. Everyone on your team needs to see the difference you are making.

2. Call my team at 866-363-9595 or email us at and let’s setup a time to go through a “State of the Union” product review.


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