Meet Team Sparks

Shawn Sparks

Vice President of Advisor Development at Advisors Excel

On a daily basis, Shawn is deeply involved in the practices of his valued producers, serving as a virtual extension of their offices. Not just a product specialist, Shawn offers the proactive, comprehensive support today’s producers and advisors need to excel. Dozens of the nation’s top financial professionals count on Shawn’s team to help enhance their businesses and drive their profits upward, relying on them for:

  • One-on-one coaching and practice development
  • Sharing of time-tested sales ideas from other top producers around the country
  • Prospecting support and annual marketing plan development
  • Innovative sales strategies and advanced case design support
  • Competitive angles and approaches in a host of sales scenarios
  • Marketing profitability analysis and solutions (including seminar mailing discounts and more)

The real value of Shawn’s support is reflected in the premium written by the producers he serves and they key connections of like-minded producers he has. Last year, Shawn’s producers wrote a total of $1.3 billion in production. His top producer office wrote $150 million in annuity premium, his top individual producer wrote $50 million and he had 15 producers write more than $20 million in production. In their first 24 months after joining Advisors Excel, Shawn’s producers average an increase of at least $2 million in annual annuity premium. Shawn’s team can help you leverage what’s working right now for many top producers from coast to coast.

About Shawn

When he isn’t helping some of the best in the business get even better, you can find Shawn spending time with his wife, Aubrey, their two daughters, Sadie and AnnMarie, and their son, Sutton.  As a family, they are incredibly energetic and are often found outside swimming, riding bikes, or just relaxing in the comfort of their home – playing games or enjoying a movie.  Shawn’s father has been in the industry for over 30 years, and he also has an identical twin brother in the business.  Shawn’s greatest passion is helping empower others to dream bigger and achieve more.