The Final Chapter

It’s hard to believe, but this is it!

After an entire year, we have arrived at the final installment of 52 Sparks. It is my genuine hope that this weekly series has been beneficial to your practice and that you’ve found several of these tips to be practical in helping you grow throughout the year.

That said, I can’t help thinking I would be remiss if I ended this campaign without covering the most important rudder that steers each of our ships. You’ll find it here.


1. Take a little time this week to “consider your personal why” – the real motivator underlying everything you do.

2. Grab a copy of Simon’s “Start with Why” for a great read.

3. Take time to compose your own personal financial plan. There may be no more liberating thing you could do for your practice (and your life) than to determine your own financial goals and to set a detailed course for reaching them. After all, you help others enjoy this confidence and reassurance for a living – shouldn’t you pause long enough to offer it to yourself?


52 Sparks is provided for informational purposes only.  Results from the use of these concepts are no guarantee of future success.

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