Advisor Intensive


A strong, aligned team is The foundation of a thriving advisory business.

That’s why Shawn and Triad Partners have developed the 24-hour Advisor Intensive™, a transformative experience designed to launch advisors and their teams on a path to sustainable growth. This immersive team experience event unites your team around a shared mission, providing the fundamentals necessary to build a bright future together.

The Advisor Intensive™ experience

Vision Crafting

Learn how to create a clear, compelling vision for the future that inspires both you and your team.

Transformation Track

Discover the essential steps (and their proper order) required to bring your vision to life, ensuring you stay on track and focused on your goals.

Culture Building

Unlock the keys to creating a vibrant culture that fosters loyalty, enthusiasm, and collaboration among your team members.


Master proven methods for attracting your ideal clients with predictable results, bolstering your brand and reputation in the process.

Sales Excellence

Implement a sales process that ensures your advisors provide the highest quality service to clients, while promoting a confident and repeatable process for others to follow.

Operational Mastery

Establish a rock-solid infrastructure, complete with efficient processes, clear communication, and robust accountability measures.

If you’re interested in experiencing a custom Advisor Intensive™ tailored to your team’s needs, please express your interest here. Transform your business and unleash its full potential with high-performance coaching – exclusively for elite advisors.

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